Thursday, June 6, 2013

Time for tea!

From elegant lace to the Mad Hatter, tea parties are a wonderful way to gather around with friends new and old!

We are planning a grand tea party event!

An inspiring gathering of like minded folk to sit, sip, and enjoy at a variety of tea party tables!
We will be showing you and giving you ideas for everything from decorations to delectable, and so much more! As well as enjoying your company!

Walk in as an honored guest at this limited seat paid event and walk out ready to invite your friends to your own tea party! Get inspired, see a variety of styles and ideas, taste, sample, and learn!

Learn fun techniques, do make and takes, sit and relax, and enjoy the moment!

Walk out filled up with more than just deliciously hand crafted teas, but with creative ideas, new techniques, and an inspiration to impress your friends with a wonderful time of tea and tells!
More information coming soon! Please let us know your ideas or interest by commenting below!
(Price will be class price ($20) and be approximately 3 hours)

Look at the calendar for schedule!

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  1. Carmen, please let me know when this event will take place we would love to come. Feel free to email me at thanks!