Saturday, June 29, 2013

Things you *want (not "need") for your home!

Here are some of our more recent additions to the shop! they are perfect for your living space and they want to come home with you! Now we will not say that you "need' them because you cannot eat, drink, wear, or live in them... but they are quite wonderful and are looking for an equally wonderful home!

New paper buntings and banners! Variety of styles
and ready to put on your wall! $6.50

Just in and finished! Rustic heavy wood chair
and table. We love these! Chair $25, Table $45

Adorable little wood stool! $10

This awesome chair FOLDS! Soft cushion and
rustic paint. The birds typing say it all! Ok,
maybe they don't, but it is only $15!

Some updates for our customers

Some updates and reminders for our customers!

After realizing that it is very do-able to complete and fit a small piece of furniture to paint in our work space, we have changed our "furniture re-do class" policy from 14" piece to SMALL PIECE of furniture!
This class is done OUTDOORS, and so it is quite possible!
Only to be FAIR to Carmen, here is a photo of me:
Christina, the one behind the camera...and web posts...

Our Tea party is scheduled for JULY 13, and the STORE will be closed that day at 1:30pm to host the Tea Party "class."

Please sign up for this Tea party by July 10 if you plan to attend! It will be fun! Relax as you sample a number of custom blended teas, get inspired to host your own tea party and learn how to create one of a kind and amazing tea party d├ęcor and goodies!

You will walk away with your tea cup as well as recipes, patterns, and more!

Not just a SHOP!

We also do EVENTS! Whether a group class or project, or just a fun place to meet for tea and snacks! Talk to Carmen about a Ladies day out or your next Crafty-get-together!

Paper hat demo!
Coming soon... look for some nifty additions to the tea and coffee counter...

Paper Hat

When we are young we seem to learn just about everything! then as we get older, we tend to forget just about everything!

Well, after a few tries we FINALLY remembered how to fold paper hats!

This fun and simple project can be used to add a little playful wit into any event or celebration!

Here is Carmen posing with our AMERICA hat (also for sale at the shop) showing off her patriotic spirit!

Come in today Saturday, June 29 from 1:30-2:30 for our FREE DEMO and remind you just which folds to make to create some paper whimsy of your own!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A little Americana for you!

"God bless America!" Yes, paper hats- they are amazing! Fun for everyone.
We are about to celebrate our nation's independence and share a little history with each other as we watch "the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there."

Walk into the shop and you will be greeted by some friendly Americana faces and a feel of home sweet home -American pie- comfort.

Also do not forget to stop in on the day of the Forth for even more American celebration and lemonade.

Welcome to the Curiosity Shop.

Every time I see him when I walk through
the door those button eyes say, "hold me!"

A rag doll waiting to be loved.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Raggedy Ann

So what was the real story behind Raggedy Ann?

If you have ever gotten Carmen going about dolls, you have probably heard the story!

As her telling goes: The original Raggedy Ann was created by Johnny Gruelle for his dying daughter. He had made her with her thumbs up to give a hug, and a candy heart which said "I love you," and to keep her company during her last days.

Now I wanted to get some more specific facts about the true story of this old legend, and found this amazing article- already researched and printed- it is quite fascinating and endearing, if not a little disappointing at the possible fiction that is Raggedy Ann.

The short story is this: Marcella, Gruelle's daughter, really did die at the age of 13, but from a vaccination. The doll was created more in book form than doll form by the whimsical Gruelle, and the original doll itself was found in the attic of Johnny's mother's house. It had no face, and was possibly named after two popular children's stories of the time (one being "Little Orphan Anne")

It is also said that the overly embellished legends of rag doll were likely created by the dolls creator to give people a childlike sense of fancy and wonder.

Whatever the truth may be, this time tested relic has survived the hands, hugs, love and adoration of so many with enough tales to tell for a lifetime!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rainy day!

It has been so beautiful outside! That is until the downpour last night! And today! Oh my today we are about to blow over! Cannot even get to our projects we had planned to do outside!

But inside days are fun too! We have a chance to update you on what is happening at the Curiosity Shop!

Our Saturday demo this past weekend was fabric flowers. There are a number of ways to create these nifty embellishments, and in a variety of sizes, but we stuck to one basic one which is easy, cute, and fun!

(Out of a light fabric they look whimsical on burlap or classy on cottons!)

Printed fabric sheets are new to the shop! wonderful and unique for any sewing or fabric project, these fun squares (8 1/2 x 11) have images and deigns to fit so many styles! Such as old type advertisements, children's book images, and script! $3 per square.

Also, at the tea counter, first batch extracts are finished and unique syrups are ready to purchase!

Cinnamon spice soda? Orange cream soda? Rich Vanilla for your coffee, or lavender for your tea or water! An old favorite of mine: coffee soda! And a new favorite- lavender soda! Or add blueberry syrup to your iced coffee for a sweet kick.

Get creative and try something deliciously unique!

This week we will also have peach-nectarine dried for teas!

Carmen is working on her old passion... dolls... and hopefully you will get to see what she has stitched up the next time you stop by!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Iris Folding

From creating custom cards (for holidays and the like), impressing your friends with an amazing scrapbook page, or crafting a genuine piece of art, Iris folding can help!

Not as the flower, but "Iris Folding" is named such because the center resembles the shape of the iris diaphragm of a camera lens.

Once you have learned this technique, which originated in Holland, you can put your own twist and style on the art!

Come in before the month ends and learn it yourself! Classes are $20, are 3 hours long, and will prepare and supply you with the tools you need for your next artistic endeavor!

In the trenches!

If you follow our Facebook you will know about this neat historical art which we have just recently discovered...

It is called "Trench Art" and from what we understand (we are not experts) the art form began as soldiers during WWI carving into shell casings as they were hunkered down in the trenches.

Shortly after that it became more of a commercial endeavor and geared toward more artistically inclined folk as shells of various sizes were collected from the field and made into all sorts of amazing things!

After wars ended civilians would gather the empty casings to create items and art of their own as a means of commerce building after war.

Here are some examples of "Trench art" which a friend of the shop brought by.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Change is good


 If ever there was a time to rearrange it is when you cannot remember where everything went in the first place! So after the show we just re did the whole thing!

Keep in mind this was more work than we originally anticipated!

When you first walk in you will see all the changes! Pastels, shabby chic, and garden!

The shelf wall has also been given a make-over.

A mock study, apothecary, and we have cleverly shifted the whole game area over one column to the right.

We have also opened up one of our favorite tables and set it a little less than traditional. With our love of old and book very evident in the settings! come check out what we did and get ideas of your own!

All the red and white has been relocated to the back with some black and whites!

July calendar is up!

Go to the Class calendar and events page to see all the details!

Some features of the July calendar which you may be so excited to read about are:

Independence Day Lemon Aid stand

Tea Party event (paid)

A second chance at giving your furniture a second chance (furniture re-do class)

Most all our watch/zipper art necklaces SOLD but we are offering a class to help you create your own unique watch/zipper art! Check the class schedule for that.

Fun with paper class with many different types of paper projects for decorating, playing, gifting, etc.

And more Saturday Demos!

Also, we have completely re-organized the shop! Come in to discover what's new and get inspired - as always- to create!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Poking and fun at Old Glory

It is the middle of June and the Old Glory Antiques Fair was coming into full swing.

As you know this is the perfect name for the Antique event as it is just in time for Independence Day but more specifically starts on Flag Day. A real Americana event! With real antiquities from our history...

Our booth at Old Glory
This year some amazing fun pies (what is more American than pie?) and Kettle corn were some of the tasty treats offered.

Now for the Poking part... As is Old Glory Fair tradition, the event was kicked off by leading in the
line of eager shoppers by kilt clad bagpipe players... I may be entirely wrong as my forte is art and creations- not history and culture- but aren't bagpipes a Scottish thing?

Whatever the case- whether it has anything to do with Old Glory or not, it was fun and the bagpipes were played nicely!

The real fun of the show was discovering so many fun and interesting pieces and meeting so many old and new friends!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Furniture re-do

Ready to get brave enough to paint your furniture? Here we go!

June is our first furniture re-do class! Sign up and wear clothes you don't mind ruining!

This is a beginners class, especially great for those of you afraid you will destroy your piece and are frightened to start!

In this class you will learn some basics on painting, like when to prime, sand, or strip your piece before starting. The basics on different types of paints. How to get that shabby chic or distressed look. And more!

This is a getting started and technique class!

Bring in your own piece of wood furniture (such as a drawer, cabinet door, etc.) NO LARGER THAN 14 " IN ANY DIRECTION (or else it will be difficult for space, time, etc.)

And get ready for some fun!

Class is Saturday, June 22 starting at 10 am, $25 bring yourself and your piece!
Registration required!
To sign up, or to look at the shop calendar click here.

A sunny Saturday!

Friends! I hope you enjoy today's Lemon "Aid" stand full of fun ephemera and of course tasty Lemonade!

We also have demo re-caps and fun ideas for you to create at home! (Or finished products to buy if you are not feeling too crafty!)

Hope you have a lovely sunny Saturday!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Time for tea!

From elegant lace to the Mad Hatter, tea parties are a wonderful way to gather around with friends new and old!

We are planning a grand tea party event!

An inspiring gathering of like minded folk to sit, sip, and enjoy at a variety of tea party tables!
We will be showing you and giving you ideas for everything from decorations to delectable, and so much more! As well as enjoying your company!

Walk in as an honored guest at this limited seat paid event and walk out ready to invite your friends to your own tea party! Get inspired, see a variety of styles and ideas, taste, sample, and learn!

Learn fun techniques, do make and takes, sit and relax, and enjoy the moment!

Walk out filled up with more than just deliciously hand crafted teas, but with creative ideas, new techniques, and an inspiration to impress your friends with a wonderful time of tea and tells!
More information coming soon! Please let us know your ideas or interest by commenting below!
(Price will be class price ($20) and be approximately 3 hours)

Look at the calendar for schedule!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lemon 'Aid' Stand

Serving up small cups of lemonade at our Lemon 'Aid' Stand to refresh you brighten your day!

This Saturday is forecasted to be HOT!
Take a trip back to childhood and come visit our Lemon Aid stand if you are in town!

There will be goodies, treats, and fun Lemonade stand ideas!

We have added so many new things these past weeks, if you have not been in in a while there is so much to see!

A portion of Lemon Aid sales will help support street kids in Ethiopia.

Hand Made Heaven

Have you ever looked at a product or item and wondered just how much time went into making it?

If not- you probably clicked on a wrong link and are on the wrong page!

But seriously, in this commercial world of buy and sell and bargains, how can real creativity thrive?

How can anyone afford to take the time- and money- to appreciate the real work, skill, love, and intention put into something when machines, factories, and penny paid labor is cranking out mass produced cookie cutter stuff?

Why even bother? Really, why waste our precious time creating unique, creative, inspiring art when no one seems to want anything but iPods, iPads, and TV screens.

But wait! there area a handful, albeit SMALL handful of people left in this world who appreciate a good thing when they see it! Who love something because it has real value to them. Who relish in the idea that some real human being- flesh and blood- spent time, effort and skill to create that very thing they hold in their hands.

This is a message in a bottle to all you creative people out there; all you handy workers; all you knitters, quilters, artists, painters, crafters,
designers..... you are not alone!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Can you learn to be creative?

At the curiosity shop we hope so! Or if not teach you, at least inspire you to be creative!

Coming soon we will have a wonderful class inspired by the project we are working on this week!
When you are finished with the class you will walk out with a completed work of unique art full of items you can find lying around!

The best thing about designing and crafting your own pieces, is that they are uniquely YOU!

Come in, stop by, and sign up to make something all your own!

Wonderfully Whimsical Watches!

It is collaging? Re purposing? Embellishing? Yes...

Monday, June 3, 2013

One on One... get the inspiration you need!

Lost and need directions? What about on your next project you are working on?

Starting in June Carmen will start doing one -on-one consultations to get you inspired, help you with necessary techniques, and even walk you through the process start to finish of your next project!

From encouragement to get the job done to the invaluable ideas you can glean, don't forget to talk to Carmen for your next creative endeavor!

Sign up in the shop, by phone, or online!

$20 one hour pre-scheduled one-on-ones.
$10 each additional hour up to four hours.

Geared up for the Old Glory show!

Playing or working?
The middle of June is bringing the Old Glory Antique Show which we will be attending.
The next couple weeks we will be coming up with new products and ideas to display, teach on, and sell!

New garlands, ideas to do with paper ribbon, so many candles and so much more!

And if you haven't noticed, we love aprons! many new fun, classic, simple and funky aprons to chose from!

Watches to watch for!

New piece
Candles anyone?

Paper cone to fill with your favorite goodies!

Paper, paper, more paper!
Quilted Apron front.

At the coffee counter there is a small batch of Bolivia left, and we have just harvested some of our peppermint we are growing!
Try a lavender-peppermint-green&white tea! One of our new favorites for summer!

Extracts will be finished after about three weeks... almost flavored soda time!