Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28th where has the summer gone

    Farm News:   Its already June 28th, the summer is moving along so quickly. it seems like we just had piles of snow. ( Oh that's right we did about a month ago.) now its 98 degrees.
the  lavender fields are in and the drip lines are finally working. a few more trays of plants coming this week, then i just have to wait and see how it goes... mostly praying really hard.
Our other garden is really coming along. the dill and cilantro from last year decided to come up and trying to take over... they each have about a 5' x 20' that they decided is their new home. so if you need fresh dill, we have it $1.50 a bundle.
    Shop news: I have a new paper flower kit. it makes a large 12" flower. I sell the finished flower for $10 and the kit is $8.00, but with the kit you have the pattern and template to make as many as you would like.
large bundle of fresh dill $1.50

12" paper flower $10

book paper flower kit $8

Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 16... Lavender Planting

Yes finally , all the mounds are done, the ground cover is stapled down. we have made all the slits and added the fish bone meal, and yes the 800 plants arrived tonight. need to get them all in in the next 2 days, and hooray we got the drip line down and its works....unrolling thousand foot rolls down the rows wasn't as easy as i thought it would be . when we get them in i will have  better pictures.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5th look at these amazing 12 foot doors

Shop news:
Look  at these amazing 12 'x2' doors.. I have 4 of them painted whte and one still left to paint. The pitch is 12'high on my building that they are up against.  Cant decide if they should become long tables.
Here is also a Cool gray folding table with metal legs.

Farm news: still waiting for my lavender plants, hopefully ths next week.
We finally are officially country farmers, our 3301 tractor with brush hog mower,  front loader and bucket is coming Wednesday. 

Im not getting any younger. (Too bad) so  if I am gonna keep up with crops and 40 acres I need some help, I think the tractor just might  be the answer..

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1st, farm and shop news

 Farm news:  the 15 turkeys are outside enjoying life with the duck and chickens.... but we did just have 2 baby ducks hatch... they are so cute, they need to be under heat lights for a few more weeks.
2 more ducklings to add to the group..
we get about 20 eggs each day, chicken and duck, the duck eggs are amazing for baking.
when your ready for fresh eggs  come by, they're 4$ a dozen
lavender plants should be here in about a week or so. finally ready for them..

Shop news: just working on new small and large items....,

Monday, May 9, 2016

may 9th

We have lots of new painted heavy boxes and bags that match, with fabric flowers and veggies
boxes are $3 each

bags are $2

Friday, May 6, 2016

YAY it's May time to Plant and Paint

Finally the last snow melted. time to get lots done.

Shop News: lots of new paper and fabric trims and garlands available.
200 fabric eggs (balls) for bowl fillers or add to any container to make pin cushions.
some more fun fabric strip garlands... a yard long and 18" long.
I still have some of the great old windows too.

Farm News: the lavender fields are tilled up... gotta clean up the rows for the 300' mounds, get the ground cover down, then hopefully i have the drip line also set up by next week.
You can see that Zeru is learning to use the excavator to help dig the trenches for the water hydrants  to the lavender fields, the chickens and ducks, and a third to our vegetable / fruit garden.
also we just got our 16 baby turkeys ... yes day old turkeys, they look like baby chickens , but soon will be big turk
Lots of trims, and paper garlands sold by the yard

Egg cartons and stuffed fabric eggs

Add egg to cute pot to make a pin cushion

Lots of different fabric garlands

Zeru learning to use the excavator

Working on digging our 6 foot deep trenches to add
water lines to lavender fields, chicken coop, and veggie garden

working on tilling the mounds for the 8-  300 foot rows of lavender

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

old windows I just got last night

I got acquired 10 of these amazing old windows
they are all a little different, but sooooo cool
I am selling them for $32 a window.
come see them before they are all gone.