Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring is almost sprung...

The weather is almost warm enough that I can paint....yeah. lots of new pieces. White console bar and dresser. Old metal stove. Still deciding if I should turn it into a potting bench. Soldered mini glass jars.
New flash cards. Many with typed definitions. A very cool metal rack shelf that I have my flash cards on
And some small and large wire baskets.
Also 4 vintage wire shoo fly covers.
Hopefully it's warm tomorrow.  Come out and for your self...
vintage horse  shoo fly covers $15 each sold
early 1900's New Perfection kerosene stove
mini flash cards with definitions $1 each
large flash cards with definitions $1.50 each
old portable royal typewriter $40   sold
small wire baskets $2.50 each sold
white console/bar $250     sold
old white dresser $80          sold
soldered mini jars $2-$4
metal rack/ shelf $125 sold

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sewing and soldered

The weather had been cold and very snowy. So I've been inside sewing clutch purses and soldering charms.
the clutches are $18 each and the soldered charm necklaces are $5 each.
the purse with the watch and the one to the very right are sold 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wonderful weather

Hi guys!
The weather has been wonderful!  That means painting.
I have several new pieces done up,  mostly in greys. This large Lincoln style desk is solid and heavy!
Awesome old cupboard/pantry with two doors and wood knobs closures.
Long table and two chairs,  mirror,  large spindle back chair.
Also,  take a look at my mercantile shelving I built and designed MYSELF!  I'm very excited about them.
In the back,  in my work area I have a mini soldering station. Been tinkering with glass and solder a bit as you can see.
More flash cards,  little flashcard folded notebooks,  soaps,  and this awesome raffia I picked up,  which I love to use for tagging, packaging,  and decorating.
This neat vintage red and white table is all wood,  and a real unique find.
Besides all the pieces and fun,  we have farm fresh eggs from our busy ladies!  6 eggs for $2.
See other prices near photos!
large Lincoln desk $265
grey chair $30
large farm cabinet $295 sold
long skinny table $30, chairs $24 each Table Sold
front of desk
large grey mirror $35,  vintage dictionary prints $2.50 each Mirror SOLD
small spool table $40
vintage flash card tags .50 cents each
large 3 door screen with lace $20   sold lace screen
vintage flash cards made into matchbook notepads $1.00
brown card catalog box $40       sold
large spool table $125, chairs with burlap$ 20 each
vintage and reproduction flash cards $1-$3
soldering and metal stamping
front doors of farm cabinet
necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings $3 each
vintage red and white table $55
hand made soap. so yummy smelling. I have banana nut bread, pumpkin spice and a few jasmine vanilla, and lavender chamomile $2.25 each
farm fresh yummy eggs 6 for $2.00

Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't forget your sweet heart

It has been a cold winter,  but warmer things are around the corner!  We have some neat little goodies for your Valentine this year.  Need some creative ideas to jump start your diy Valentine project? We have ideas and products for that too!

Stay tuned as our shop takes on some exciting changes!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Life is certainly not boring!

Wild hanger:

Between the icey blasts of winter and the wild antics of our animals, you can be sure it is not boring, if not a little challenging to get any work done!

Enjoy this little video of our four legged friends

Friday, December 5, 2014

More to make more to love

Some last minute Christmas goodies.
$3.95 -$6.95

Old dictionary page originals with industrial images. $5.95

Quick gift idea for yourself or a friend,  pink crafter tool box.

Industrial clothes pins
$0.75 each