Sunday, September 7, 2014

Paper and eggs

Carmen has been creating new and clever stationary. We have also been re arranging the shop to find places for some new furniture pieces,  and the knick knack odds and ends she tends to discover.

Between constant creating and the now 27 animals on the Curious Farms it's is impossible to share it all with you until you come see in person.

Amazingly cute egg cartons.
Davenport desk.
Fun new stationary
Paper ribbon
Chocolate envelope
So much more!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This and that

Hi folks.  Carmen made some neat"this and that jars" which are all a little unique and can be used as gift jars, Treasure jars,  or stuff jars,  but whatever you do with them, they are industrial and cool.

She put together a really fun stationary set,  made from a real typewriter.  Includes paper and envelopes.

Our typewriter pens have been selling like crazy.  When we are out that's it.

Speaking of selling... The wonderful 6 month planners completely sold out,  so more are being made!

Had to throw in a few photos of the farm.  Sheep and goats graze at sun rise.  Our new rescued dog named Boe.
See you all Monday!

Garden so plentiful

So much great stuff growing.we have hundreds of mini pumpkins.. just waiting to get a little more orange

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lawn mowers

With 39 & 1/2 acres, we needed some fuel efficient lawn mowers. They seem to enjoy their job.

Write your own story

Write your own story with one of our original typewriter key pens. (Made from real typewriter arms and keys)
Wonderfully unique planners.
Cute little stamped or embossed paper bags for packaging or small gifts!
Industrial "2" card catalog box.
Carmen has been busy creating fun little things for you to treasure up! More coming soon!

Also, farm fresh zucchini ($2.25)
Coming soon spaghetti squash!
See you all Monday!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Another wonderful monday...

Thank you so much all of you that came out today I had such a wonderful day I would also like to introduce our
2 newest additions Spitfire aka Max and Piper they are two new baby goats we just got max on Sunday and Piper this morning

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Curious Farms

Carmen's Curiosity Shop has a new side!
Fresh all natural produce, and coming soon, eggs, spaghetti squash, and eggs!
You can see our zucchinis gone wild!
We have 17 new baby chicks, and three young chickens (Sam, Sally, and Sadie) 4 different breeds in all.
We are indeed a legitimate farm!
Can't wait for the mini pumpkins!
Zucchini gone wild
New small chicks
Sam, Sally, & Sadie