Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hand Made Heaven

Have you ever looked at a product or item and wondered just how much time went into making it?

If not- you probably clicked on a wrong link and are on the wrong page!

But seriously, in this commercial world of buy and sell and bargains, how can real creativity thrive?

How can anyone afford to take the time- and money- to appreciate the real work, skill, love, and intention put into something when machines, factories, and penny paid labor is cranking out mass produced cookie cutter stuff?

Why even bother? Really, why waste our precious time creating unique, creative, inspiring art when no one seems to want anything but iPods, iPads, and TV screens.

But wait! there area a handful, albeit SMALL handful of people left in this world who appreciate a good thing when they see it! Who love something because it has real value to them. Who relish in the idea that some real human being- flesh and blood- spent time, effort and skill to create that very thing they hold in their hands.

This is a message in a bottle to all you creative people out there; all you handy workers; all you knitters, quilters, artists, painters, crafters,
designers..... you are not alone!

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