Thursday, March 31, 2016

White tables and dresser

cool vintage white dresser metal wheels $50
white table 47" long $65
primitive white desk $50

Monday, March 28, 2016

Garlands, kits, trims, and more

 I am ready for spring, (if this snow would go away).
come by on Mondays or give me a call if you want to come by any other time.
I am hoping to start YouTube videos each week , showing how-to's on lots of things i do in the shop.
Farm News: 
as soon as the ground dries up we will have a couple of acres in front of the shop, plowed up, and tilled. ordered all my ground cover, irrigation drip lines and 800  lavender plants. hopefully everything will be in by the end of may.
already started to work on our 2000 sq foot vegetable garden, I cant wait to get digging in the dirt.
we now have about 50 chickens and ducks, and will be getting 15 turkeys the end of april....

a corner of the shop
more jewelry $3 each
lots of metal and cork
peat pots, and egg cartons... and yes we have fresh eggs again
4$ a dozen chicken eggs and 5$ a dozen duck eggs
large folded paper dresses $8 each
medium $5 each
during the snow storm i finally had time to sort and organize my 1000's of stamps... yea for me
as you can see lots of organizing still left to go
very fun paper houses $3 each
Tags, cards, carrot kits, flashcards
with the one day of no snow i got to paint alittle, alot more to go
finally moved all the wood on the side of the building and started making a wood walkway... now i need a large deck
another table in progress, need to get all the chairs done
picked up lots of really cool wood crates $15-$20
very cool metal and wood desk $60
metal and wood kids chairs $20 each
button and linen thread cards $2 each
lots of large spools of threads, and vintage trims
trims and garlands
paper button garland $3 a yard
book paper garland $2 a yard
fabric bunting $5 a yard
fabric bunting
 my beautiful wood crate a friend gave me
folded book paper hearts
large folded paper hearts  75¢ each
gauze trim $1 a yard
blue fabric trims $2 a yard
pink garland trim $2 a yard
white with white flowers trim $2 a yard
ivory wool trim $2 a yard
Japanese piggy fabric.
these cute little piggies are sewn to trim, they can be cut out and made into cute pins or embellishments
$2 each 
hand cut flowers trim, $5 a yard
book page folded paper dresses $2 each
pretty cardstock " trims and embellishments" book kit
comes with buttons, lots of trims flower, needle threader, floss
$8 each. each are different
a trims kit wrapped up in a pretty package 
a trim kit in greens
a thick stack of book page strips $3 each.
I used this pack to make the quilled paper project that is in the frame
I also used the paper strips to make this paper chain garland
clip boards $4 each
wood math cards $2 each
when it wasn't snowing

Thursday, March 3, 2016

My new logo

What do you think of my new logo?
Does it reflect Carmen's Curiosity Shop?
And this is our Curious Farms logo (not new) for produce, eggs, and soon enough lavender!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Paper and pianos

Having so much fun working with paper.
   Large craft paper flower roses.                Easy to make, but time consuming.
  Painted clipboards with vintage images.
  Fun covered craft paper journals.
   (Vintage math cards) Wood cards with math word problem pages from a vintage children's math book.
Then zeru and I took apart an old discarded piano.
We have white and black keys
Wood hammers, and other wood parts.
There were over 500 screws to take the wood pieces apart.
They will be great to use for unique projects.
And lots of industrial lamps.
painted clipboard with vintage images $4 each
paper mache journal with vintage images $4 each
 ( wood math cards)
wood tiles with vintage math pages
$2  each
Large craft paper roses. $8 each
Piano parts and pieces
black and white keys $2 each
wood piano hammers $2 each
large metal industrial lamp shade, cage and glass $20 each
just add light