Saturday, September 28, 2013

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster of a shop has finally been recovered!

This amazingly comfy red chair is already GONE!

Paper stuffed birds. $6-$7
Here are some photos taken of items already sold during the disaster. Many pieces we did up we did not have time to take photos of, and many stages of our disaster recovery were made more interesting by our constant selling of pieces we were using for the new displays!

In the end we eventually set the shop back up in working, and walking order! (It was nearly impossible to walk through last week)

We hope you all enjoy the re-arranged look and some of the new pieces, ideas, and looks we have!

Come in and see for yourself!
This adorable children's table and chair set is only $50!

"Light as a feather"

 New drieds for decorating, garlands, and more!

More die cut leaves!

 This orange table is $70 and fits 6. Perfect color for harvest time, or anytime if you are happy!

 Red metal card catalog anyone? This retro metal piece is $95, and will be filled with goodies before too long (if it does not sell first).
a view of the shop! Paints on shelves, neat new pieces, and so much more! Here is a stack of more die-cut leaves ($2.50 for 25) on our new red table!

 2 of 4 of these shelves have sold already! But it looked rustic and primitive while it lasted!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September Great Idea

We end up telling everyone about these great ideas anyway, which is why we post them online for our monthly Great Idea! That way we won't have to tell everyone, and they can just look it up for themselves!

This month we will tell you about Decoupage on furniture!

Now this is not very new, but so many people get excited when they see our unique pieces and ask how we did that!

What we do:

After you paint (or clean off) your piece of furniture figure out the best paper to decorate your piece with!

We use wallpaper paste to attach our paper to our piece, you can use "Mod Podge"

Coat the back of the paper

with adhesive of your choice, then carefully line it up on your furniture.

We use a rubber brayer to roll flat our papers because they are usually really big. You can use your hand very gently. Be sure the paper is smooth, with no bubbles, wrinkles, etc. and all the corners and edges are down.

Try to clean off any excess adhesive that you find, then let the adhesive dry.

Once the paper is dry, coat it with a sealer to protect the paper.

We use a satin water based poly urethane. You can use a number of different sealers depending on the piece of furniture and the wear on the paper. For a table top we suggest a more durable sealer (like poly urethane) but for a side of a shelf or something with little abuse, a "Mod Podge" would probably be all the seal you need, Or even a spray sealer.

Find a wonderful paper, and get creative!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sign up and Stitch!

Sign up for Thursday, September 19th Stitching class!

Here are the two different stitcheries to choose from. They are seasonal and fun and wonderfully cute!

(Frame not included in class)


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Autumn is upon us!

I went to get something from the grocery store today and saw gourds for sale out front! Yippy! Gourds!

So of course I bought a few... not sure what I will do with them yet!

Got more awesome ephemera papers in for you to craft & create with!

Some furniture, of course, being worked on, and more to come...

And some fun photos of a few lamps Jeremiah has put together...

Enjoy this turn in season before the frigid sets in!

Overcast day

It is dark and gloomy out today! A nice change from the heat wave we have been enduring!

Come in this week for a relaxing cup of warm tea, or rich fresh coffee! Hang out, get ideas, or work on your project.

Vintage style stationary

There is something wonderful about getting something you actually want in your mail box. Even mail boxes are getting less personal these days...I remember going out to the mail box on the corner of our
yard and flipping the red flag up when I had something to send; or watching for the mail truck and mail man to step out. I remember bringing the mail in and looking for a letter or card.

Now all the nostalgia is gone. our mail box has been clumped into a metal locker bunch for years, the mail man makes one stop and fills all the boxes at once- often times missing one cubby hole for another, and the mail is hardly ever worth looking at. Fliers, bills, and advertisements.

Let us bring back the gift of tangible greetings! The awe and wonder of holding something personal in our hands which was sent in love.

We are trying to bring this back! Carmen is diligently working on your next letter to a cherished friend.

Carmen has been sewing up, piecing together and artfully creating these wonderfully whimsical ways to send your next note of greeting.

Here is a sample of some must have stationary for your holiday season!

More styles coming soon!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall finishes!

Fall foliage finishes!

What says autumn more than fallen leaves? Come get yours for decorating and creating!

$2 for 25 leaves in glassine bag.

Painting area indoors! This hot hot sun is too much! and the winter snows will be coming in! We will be painting indoors and you can see our stacked stash of upcoming projects! (aka unfinished fun finds)

More fun stuffed stuff! Bowl of buddies.

roll top desk

 Awesome roll top desk! We are considering a decoupage...
Dark brown and burnt red. If it does not sell, I am keeping it!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Excited about new

Table $78
New table is finished! Can you tell, we love the birds?

Here is the chair again. They look great with this table.

More of our tables we finished up this past weekend. Prices range $35-$42

$36 each
The Vanilla Saffron Shortbread kits are FINISHED and ready to buy! All packaged up with everything you need except butter! They are $15.

Carmen's new favorite cookie cutters: Fork, Knife, Spoon. She will tell you all about it if you come in! (I will try to get a video of her excitement about these cookie cutters if I can)

Make sugar cookies spoons dipped in Chocolate, or little spoon breads
Large cookie cutters $3.50
served up with dips or soups. Fork crouton anyone?

Cats, $12 each
We also have some super funky felines for the Halloween time.

$15 glass framed stitchery
Carmen finished her stitching projects... here are some primitive fun in frames!

Green coffee is IN! Want to learn to roast your own coffee? We can teach you and you can buy green beans here! Colombia and Costa Rica in stock.

Can't wait to see you this week!