Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some updates for our customers

Some updates and reminders for our customers!

After realizing that it is very do-able to complete and fit a small piece of furniture to paint in our work space, we have changed our "furniture re-do class" policy from 14" piece to SMALL PIECE of furniture!
This class is done OUTDOORS, and so it is quite possible!
Only to be FAIR to Carmen, here is a photo of me:
Christina, the one behind the camera...and web posts...

Our Tea party is scheduled for JULY 13, and the STORE will be closed that day at 1:30pm to host the Tea Party "class."

Please sign up for this Tea party by July 10 if you plan to attend! It will be fun! Relax as you sample a number of custom blended teas, get inspired to host your own tea party and learn how to create one of a kind and amazing tea party d├ęcor and goodies!

You will walk away with your tea cup as well as recipes, patterns, and more!

Not just a SHOP!

We also do EVENTS! Whether a group class or project, or just a fun place to meet for tea and snacks! Talk to Carmen about a Ladies day out or your next Crafty-get-together!

Paper hat demo!
Coming soon... look for some nifty additions to the tea and coffee counter...

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