Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Getting Ready

things are getting done, but not without a few bumps ^^^^^^^ in the road.

we are finally living in our new house and the new floors have been put in.
a cute little nook with bay windows in our dining/kitchen.

a view of my new workshop from my kitchen window. (not too bad for travel time to work)

they are doing inspections on the building today. Let's hope all goes well so I can open my pod and get to work.

But I have been working on a few new things at home until everything gets gone.
peat pots, new paper, and I acquired 300 more burlap coffee bags that will be $3.50 each

also a paper note pad 5" x 17" long. kind of matchbook style.
ok here are just some more fun photos.....

ok by now I'm sure you can tell Carmen (I) am writing this, not Christina (My computer guru)
I guess I have to learn sometime....
Anyway I hope to open soon, I miss everyone and am sooooooo ready to work again.