Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The kitchen table

I fell in love with this new Hugh round table I finished. So I'm selling my 2 other tables that are in my house. A 6ft. 10 inch
Library table $185
And this wonderful 40 inch round table $85....
this is the new 5 1/2 foot round table i just did, i think i'll keep this one.
this is the 6' 10" library table that im selling $185
40" round white table $85  sold

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April showers,bring may flowers. ...

The rain has stopped for a day. So yay, I get to paint. Lots of new stuff.
A cool potting bench.  $65
wonderful large white round table 5'4".
A wood smaller table with casters $ 68
2 black metal cabinets $ 45 each
A large army green filing cabinet $25
Old mining paper pyrite bags $1 each
White mirror $35
Lots of large spools of thread $5-$18
Plain garden gloves $1 each
Garden gloves with trim $2 each
"1-9" #tags $3 a set
hanging double black ladder cubby $ 85
Long aprons with images $8 each
Plain aprons no images $ 5 each
And the last picture is Zeru (priceless)
potting bench $65  sold
5' 4" large round white table $185
black metal cabinet $ 45 each  cabinet with one door sold
green filing cabinet $25
mining pyrite paper bags $1 each
white mirror $35
small wood table on casters $68
spools of thread $5-$18
trimmed garden gloves $2 each
plain garden gloves $1 each
very cool old office chair  $25
old player piano rolls $4 each
long white ladder $30, smaller 2 pane windows $18 each ladder sold
large frame with 2 windows inside  $80
"1-9" number tags $3 each
buy us now
long aprons with cool images $8 each.  
plain aprons with no images $5 each         
Zeru   priceless

hanging black ladder cubby $85

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Yeah it's warm today

I redid this great old frame 55 inches by 32 inches put 2 old windows in it braced it .great piece. So much better in person

Also this hanging black cubby 59 tall . 33 wide.  It hangs from the pole through the top. With 2 large black could put anything on the front of the crates. I thought the flashcards are a cute idea
Going hunting for cool new/old stuff this weekend. So lots of goodies on monday.
Cubby is  $95
The framed windows are $90

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Warm but oh so windy....

Lots of great new finds... I decoupage chickens onto the small and large white tables.
Lots of glass insulators $2-3.50 each. Printers trays $ 20 each.
Lots of jewelry  $3 each 
cool old metal stool $20.
Looks like an old typewriter table, but it's actually a table made during the 2nd w war.  National cash register company made a limited amount of these for counting machines. Metal plate has denver ordnance plant printed on it.
Along with the "national" trademark. $75
large wooden spools $6-8
amazing old egg crates $18
Also lots of new smalls. Just come in to see everything.
Open Monday 10-3. Or just give me a call to come another time.
Enjoy the weather.
old corvair car radios $15 each
car rear view mirrors $4 each
old tabbacco tins, glass jars burlap bags
peatpots, egg cartons
very cool papers for decoupage of framing
blue and clear insulators
wood spools sold
lots of new jewelry $3 each
safety deposit boxes $8-14
cabinet wire wire frame sold
stool and table sold

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy monday

Another beautiful day in colorado. Working on lots of new stuff. Take a look.
We have ham and bean soup in the crockpot.
All our garden seeds are in their peatpots. Getting ready to sprout so soon we can start the garden.
Come by and see us. 50 chickens and ducks out in their coops and the sheep and goats are into everything
cabinet with wire frame attached $120  
bakers rack or potting bench $85
safety deposit boxes single $12  double $20 
large primitive table $90  large wood box with handles $24
high chairs $28, $32  wood fold up table  $35
large wood box with handles $24  large wire rack tray $18
jars $4 each
vintage monarch type label, tag maker printers blocks letters and numbers  $125 
primitive wood fencing 4 large pieces $28 each
another picture of cabinet with wire frame holding wire baskets and pots