Monday, June 17, 2013

Poking and fun at Old Glory

It is the middle of June and the Old Glory Antiques Fair was coming into full swing.

As you know this is the perfect name for the Antique event as it is just in time for Independence Day but more specifically starts on Flag Day. A real Americana event! With real antiquities from our history...

Our booth at Old Glory
This year some amazing fun pies (what is more American than pie?) and Kettle corn were some of the tasty treats offered.

Now for the Poking part... As is Old Glory Fair tradition, the event was kicked off by leading in the
line of eager shoppers by kilt clad bagpipe players... I may be entirely wrong as my forte is art and creations- not history and culture- but aren't bagpipes a Scottish thing?

Whatever the case- whether it has anything to do with Old Glory or not, it was fun and the bagpipes were played nicely!

The real fun of the show was discovering so many fun and interesting pieces and meeting so many old and new friends!

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