Monday, June 3, 2013

Geared up for the Old Glory show!

Playing or working?
The middle of June is bringing the Old Glory Antique Show which we will be attending.
The next couple weeks we will be coming up with new products and ideas to display, teach on, and sell!

New garlands, ideas to do with paper ribbon, so many candles and so much more!

And if you haven't noticed, we love aprons! many new fun, classic, simple and funky aprons to chose from!

Watches to watch for!

New piece
Candles anyone?

Paper cone to fill with your favorite goodies!

Paper, paper, more paper!
Quilted Apron front.

At the coffee counter there is a small batch of Bolivia left, and we have just harvested some of our peppermint we are growing!
Try a lavender-peppermint-green&white tea! One of our new favorites for summer!

Extracts will be finished after about three weeks... almost flavored soda time!

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