Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Raggedy Ann

So what was the real story behind Raggedy Ann?

If you have ever gotten Carmen going about dolls, you have probably heard the story!

As her telling goes: The original Raggedy Ann was created by Johnny Gruelle for his dying daughter. He had made her with her thumbs up to give a hug, and a candy heart which said "I love you," and to keep her company during her last days.

Now I wanted to get some more specific facts about the true story of this old legend, and found this amazing article- already researched and printed- it is quite fascinating and endearing, if not a little disappointing at the possible fiction that is Raggedy Ann.


The short story is this: Marcella, Gruelle's daughter, really did die at the age of 13, but from a vaccination. The doll was created more in book form than doll form by the whimsical Gruelle, and the original doll itself was found in the attic of Johnny's mother's house. It had no face, and was possibly named after two popular children's stories of the time (one being "Little Orphan Anne")

It is also said that the overly embellished legends of rag doll were likely created by the dolls creator to give people a childlike sense of fancy and wonder.

Whatever the truth may be, this time tested relic has survived the hands, hugs, love and adoration of so many with enough tales to tell for a lifetime!

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