Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vintage style stationary

There is something wonderful about getting something you actually want in your mail box. Even mail boxes are getting less personal these days...I remember going out to the mail box on the corner of our
yard and flipping the red flag up when I had something to send; or watching for the mail truck and mail man to step out. I remember bringing the mail in and looking for a letter or card.

Now all the nostalgia is gone. our mail box has been clumped into a metal locker bunch for years, the mail man makes one stop and fills all the boxes at once- often times missing one cubby hole for another, and the mail is hardly ever worth looking at. Fliers, bills, and advertisements.

Let us bring back the gift of tangible greetings! The awe and wonder of holding something personal in our hands which was sent in love.

We are trying to bring this back! Carmen is diligently working on your next letter to a cherished friend.

Carmen has been sewing up, piecing together and artfully creating these wonderfully whimsical ways to send your next note of greeting.

Here is a sample of some must have stationary for your holiday season!

More styles coming soon!

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