Saturday, September 28, 2013

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster of a shop has finally been recovered!

This amazingly comfy red chair is already GONE!

Paper stuffed birds. $6-$7
Here are some photos taken of items already sold during the disaster. Many pieces we did up we did not have time to take photos of, and many stages of our disaster recovery were made more interesting by our constant selling of pieces we were using for the new displays!

In the end we eventually set the shop back up in working, and walking order! (It was nearly impossible to walk through last week)

We hope you all enjoy the re-arranged look and some of the new pieces, ideas, and looks we have!

Come in and see for yourself!
This adorable children's table and chair set is only $50!

"Light as a feather"

 New drieds for decorating, garlands, and more!

More die cut leaves!

 This orange table is $70 and fits 6. Perfect color for harvest time, or anytime if you are happy!

 Red metal card catalog anyone? This retro metal piece is $95, and will be filled with goodies before too long (if it does not sell first).
a view of the shop! Paints on shelves, neat new pieces, and so much more! Here is a stack of more die-cut leaves ($2.50 for 25) on our new red table!

 2 of 4 of these shelves have sold already! But it looked rustic and primitive while it lasted!

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