Thursday, September 5, 2013

Excited about new

Table $78
New table is finished! Can you tell, we love the birds?

Here is the chair again. They look great with this table.

More of our tables we finished up this past weekend. Prices range $35-$42

$36 each
The Vanilla Saffron Shortbread kits are FINISHED and ready to buy! All packaged up with everything you need except butter! They are $15.

Carmen's new favorite cookie cutters: Fork, Knife, Spoon. She will tell you all about it if you come in! (I will try to get a video of her excitement about these cookie cutters if I can)

Make sugar cookies spoons dipped in Chocolate, or little spoon breads
Large cookie cutters $3.50
served up with dips or soups. Fork crouton anyone?

Cats, $12 each
We also have some super funky felines for the Halloween time.

$15 glass framed stitchery
Carmen finished her stitching projects... here are some primitive fun in frames!

Green coffee is IN! Want to learn to roast your own coffee? We can teach you and you can buy green beans here! Colombia and Costa Rica in stock.

Can't wait to see you this week!



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