Saturday, September 21, 2013

September Great Idea

We end up telling everyone about these great ideas anyway, which is why we post them online for our monthly Great Idea! That way we won't have to tell everyone, and they can just look it up for themselves!

This month we will tell you about Decoupage on furniture!

Now this is not very new, but so many people get excited when they see our unique pieces and ask how we did that!

What we do:

After you paint (or clean off) your piece of furniture figure out the best paper to decorate your piece with!

We use wallpaper paste to attach our paper to our piece, you can use "Mod Podge"

Coat the back of the paper

with adhesive of your choice, then carefully line it up on your furniture.

We use a rubber brayer to roll flat our papers because they are usually really big. You can use your hand very gently. Be sure the paper is smooth, with no bubbles, wrinkles, etc. and all the corners and edges are down.

Try to clean off any excess adhesive that you find, then let the adhesive dry.

Once the paper is dry, coat it with a sealer to protect the paper.

We use a satin water based poly urethane. You can use a number of different sealers depending on the piece of furniture and the wear on the paper. For a table top we suggest a more durable sealer (like poly urethane) but for a side of a shelf or something with little abuse, a "Mod Podge" would probably be all the seal you need, Or even a spray sealer.

Find a wonderful paper, and get creative!

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  1. Hi,
    Great paper! What is the red framed piece, the last pic? I like the paper black bird, and the paper with the pens.