Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of Summer OPEN HOUSE

What a wonderfully fun day we have been having! Good luck to all our Raffle participants! We will do the drawing tonight and announce the winners Monday!
It is not too late to buy your raffle tickets! (Purchase online before 5pm mountain time to be entered in the drawing!)

 Impromptu paper folding demo!

 Carmen is having as much fun showing the folded paper as those learning!

 Star shaped Vanilla Saffron Shortbreads! Yeah! I got to use the Biscuit bar finally! This is one of our new cookie cutters!
During our official inaugural biscuit bar demo a young man, age 9 was so kind to help with the cookie cutting process, and conveniently his t-shirt sported a picture of butter (yes butter) which was terribly fitting for the moment! Thank you young man for your help! Your cookies came out great!

 Free recipe card with Vanilla Saffron Shortbread recipe.

 Some of our NEW JUST IN TODAY cookie cutters!

Friday, August 30, 2013


Hey Friends of the Curiosity Shop! HEADS UP! Don't miss the Open House tomorrow Saturday, August 31!



Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

SALE and other new stuff!

All our CHINA (except a few labeled pieces) are on SALE for $1 per piece!

Also Starting TODAY until all the China cups are sold, FREE CUP with tea purchase!

Since all our items are moving faster than we can snap photos, I tried oh so hard to keep up this week!

For all the Tea in China! (Free cup with Tea purchase)Free China! (ok, not free, but $1 a piece)

 Our "cow" table... $250
 Drop leaf charcoal table.

 New corner shelves for your room. $40 each.

We replaced the mirror on top which sold! Come get some neat ideas on paper projects!

 Warm welcome to the upcoming season!

Our Thankful for Family table setting idea! Use frames, photos, or other unique items for place settings and to decorate your tables this holiday season!
 Autumn Orange folding table $35. Funky unique brown chair $32

This bench is $78 and the seat opens!

 Black Zippers $1.50 For your next project! (Zipper art, bags, necklaces)

Monday, August 26, 2013


We had SO many pieces fly out the door with so little time to post photos!

I'm so sorry : (

But before things change again I started snapping a few quick pics to give an idea of where we are headed!

Things are a little bare today, but we had to start somewhere!
Here are some of our oranges displayed over a charcoal drop leaf.
Yesterday there was a wonderfully warm display on an orange table...
Which sold in just a couple days!

Small charcoal table... some rustic goodies
to feast your eyes on!

 We have the papers in that we use for decorating our furniture pieces! So many fun patterns to choose from... And our new shelf to display them in!

 We have not decided which paper to decoupage on our Biscuit Bar... 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August Great Idea

Hello Artful Folks!

Here is a popular project which many of you may have seen and many may not have!

We also will be doing a free demo of this on August 31 during our open house!

We do have a Marvelous Tool which includes a cutter and template to buy $19, or you can use this paper template and directions.

Save and print this page as an 8 1/2 x 11 size print and the template should come out to 6"

The finished product is a 3 dimensional paper star

Fold inside triangles toward you

roll next layer back

staple into a roll

roll next layer opposite direction and staple

Continue with each layer switching directions

Should look like this when finished
Make 6 all the same!

Point all 6 in the same direction

Attach all together at bottom tip- all 6- 

Also staple touching sides

Don't forget all sides

Monday, August 12, 2013

Open House RAFFLE! Buy NOW

Our OPEN HOUSE is Saturday, August 31!

We will have a raffle with First and Second prizes!

Cost of ticket is $1

We will draw winners on Saturday, August 31 at 6pm

To participate, buy a ticket at the Curiosity Shop or Online

First place winner will receive a Class Party for 5 people
for a Paper Arts or Book Folding class of their choice
($100 value)

Second place wins a $10 gift card to Carmen's Curiosity Shop

Order your raffle ticket online and early here!
Be sure to enter your name and contact info so we may notify you in case of win!

Your Name & Email & Phone


Post, Recipe, and Gift cards! oh my

We are in the works of coming up with exclusively original and fun Post CARDS! Recipe cards (And RECIPES!) and even Gift Cards!

There is nothing like sending a REAL TANGIBLE note to a close friend or a new contact! It means so much more than a text or email, and can be remembered so much longer than a phone call!

Our Recipes are also tasty and tested by YOU our customers! And they are Original to Carmen's Curiosity Shop!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Open House!

End of Summer Open House at Carmen's Curiosity Shop!
Com in and enjoy good company, delectable treats, great ideas, and deals! Also we will have raffles with neat prizes!
Don't miss out on this seasonal event!

End of summer!

Once school is back in session, the tide turns. Though it is still technically summer, really- it is the end!

We have been re-doing the shop with this change (and the fact that so many of our big pieces keep selling- we have no choice!)

We have gone from the shabby-chic whites and pastels- very springy, to the warmer, home-y-er deep browns and harvest colors.

It is also a wonderful change for back to school because we have done up quite a few desks, and other pieces with an antique looking "black and white" theme which looks wonderfully like a study.

By the time our Open House comes at the end of the month it will be a wonderful welcome for the upcoming holiday months!

There are also some manly items to feast eyes on added to the back of the shop!

Monday, August 5, 2013


I hope we can start bringing goodies once a week!
Vanilla saffron Shortbread... only 2 left!

I am thinking either MONDAY or WEDNESDAY but Monday seems to be a better idea.

My Saffron Vanilla is just now ready to use! I am more excited than you know!

Saffron Vanilla shortbreads? hmmm would taste delectable with some citrus white tea!

Or perhaps we will start simple with our favorite white chocolate blueberry scones... I make them from scratch using fresh, mostly organic, ingredients.

Or mini cheesecakes....

Stop in next Monday to see what we bring!

Also, the Ginger extract is finally ready! Ginger-orange ale? Sounds like a nice refreshing drink for these waning summer afternoons!

Did you know we sell little bottles of our all natural flavored syrups?  1oz bottles are 75Ø