Wednesday, August 7, 2013

End of summer!

Once school is back in session, the tide turns. Though it is still technically summer, really- it is the end!

We have been re-doing the shop with this change (and the fact that so many of our big pieces keep selling- we have no choice!)

We have gone from the shabby-chic whites and pastels- very springy, to the warmer, home-y-er deep browns and harvest colors.

It is also a wonderful change for back to school because we have done up quite a few desks, and other pieces with an antique looking "black and white" theme which looks wonderfully like a study.

By the time our Open House comes at the end of the month it will be a wonderful welcome for the upcoming holiday months!

There are also some manly items to feast eyes on added to the back of the shop!

1 comment:

  1. Back to school,,,,seems like you just opened! Time fly's when your having fun! I know you are both working very hard, but I know it is fun too. The desk turned out so nice!