Thursday, August 29, 2013

SALE and other new stuff!

All our CHINA (except a few labeled pieces) are on SALE for $1 per piece!

Also Starting TODAY until all the China cups are sold, FREE CUP with tea purchase!

Since all our items are moving faster than we can snap photos, I tried oh so hard to keep up this week!

For all the Tea in China! (Free cup with Tea purchase)Free China! (ok, not free, but $1 a piece)

 Our "cow" table... $250
 Drop leaf charcoal table.

 New corner shelves for your room. $40 each.

We replaced the mirror on top which sold! Come get some neat ideas on paper projects!

 Warm welcome to the upcoming season!

Our Thankful for Family table setting idea! Use frames, photos, or other unique items for place settings and to decorate your tables this holiday season!
 Autumn Orange folding table $35. Funky unique brown chair $32

This bench is $78 and the seat opens!

 Black Zippers $1.50 For your next project! (Zipper art, bags, necklaces)

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love the cow table! I'd love to see the rolls of paper better, I am so glad you are doing well.