Monday, August 5, 2013


I hope we can start bringing goodies once a week!
Vanilla saffron Shortbread... only 2 left!

I am thinking either MONDAY or WEDNESDAY but Monday seems to be a better idea.

My Saffron Vanilla is just now ready to use! I am more excited than you know!

Saffron Vanilla shortbreads? hmmm would taste delectable with some citrus white tea!

Or perhaps we will start simple with our favorite white chocolate blueberry scones... I make them from scratch using fresh, mostly organic, ingredients.

Or mini cheesecakes....

Stop in next Monday to see what we bring!

Also, the Ginger extract is finally ready! Ginger-orange ale? Sounds like a nice refreshing drink for these waning summer afternoons!

Did you know we sell little bottles of our all natural flavored syrups?  1oz bottles are 75Ø

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