Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 5th, another beautiful day

Shop news: still working on paper flowers and a few other projects in the shop.
Farm news: Yes the lavender is all in, replaced a few plants, now time to finish weeding between rows.
the wild flower garden is growing like crazy. 
lots of eggs and it feels like a crazy bird farm these days. the 2 baby ducks are inseparable.
and the turkeys are crazy wild for life. they are so social and come running when they see us. the other ducks are not sure what to make of them. 
There is a mama duck who sits on her eggs everyday, until someone comes near and she'll go after them... its pretty funny.  
The chickens just dont know what to make of them. 
well never a dull moment

large 12" paper flowers
wild flower garden coming in
wild flowers
Baby Ducks outside with their friends
the turkeys excited to be free
the turkeys and ducks doing well together
8 lavender rows are all planted.
the rows are 300 feet long

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