Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28th where has the summer gone

    Farm News:   Its already June 28th, the summer is moving along so quickly. it seems like we just had piles of snow. ( Oh that's right we did about a month ago.) now its 98 degrees.
the  lavender fields are in and the drip lines are finally working. a few more trays of plants coming this week, then i just have to wait and see how it goes... mostly praying really hard.
Our other garden is really coming along. the dill and cilantro from last year decided to come up and trying to take over... they each have about a 5' x 20' that they decided is their new home. so if you need fresh dill, we have it $1.50 a bundle.
    Shop news: I have a new paper flower kit. it makes a large 12" flower. I sell the finished flower for $10 and the kit is $8.00, but with the kit you have the pattern and template to make as many as you would like.
large bundle of fresh dill $1.50

12" paper flower $10

book paper flower kit $8

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