Sunday, April 10, 2016

New must see

Finally painted on Saturday and finished: 
a large table and chairs
5 other chairs
4 dressers
2 frames
and a coal bucket
also a large variety of trims and other embellishments

tilled the 40'x50'  vegetable garden, built a fence around it with stones at the bottom.
ordered all my organic seeds. Hopefully a large bounty like last year. 

mowed about 2 acres for the lavender fields. Started raking all the tall weeds and grass 
and digging up the 100s of yucca plants (at least it seems like it) 
already hauled over 6 truck loads of weeds.
next i have to till it up and make 8 rows 300' long of 12" mounds for the lavender plants that come the end of may. we got all the ground cover and drip lines.. now just gotta get it all done

white table $95 chairs $28 each,
vintage white dresser with mirror
(mirror on floor next to dresser) $90
white chairs $28 each
dresser $35
coal bucket $20
detail on chair
heavy chair bench $20
coal bucket
primitive frame $20
area in front of shop
for lavender fields before we mowed
after mowing, working on raking and pulling yucas
the yuca roots are as big as the wheel barrel
the vegetable garden, before the stones were put in place


  1. Hey Miz Carmen!
    What a worker you are. The furniture turned out so good. It's so nice to see your land again. The yucca roots are beastly! 6 truckloads! Wow! Soon it will transform into lavender heaven.
    Sent you an envelope Sat. , forgot to put in a couple of things,,, senior moment...I seem to be having a lot of those...
    Talk soon my friend!

    1. yes i am so pleased at what we are getting done. but lots still to is truly back breaking work, so its good that its a labor of love. its so wonderful to have a few warm days to get all of this done..
      we will need to talk this week
      love you Carmen