Monday, April 25, 2016

april 25 2016. Is it spring yet?

amazing cabinet with drawer boxes.
it is on wheels (which is a good thing)
81" x 45" tall... yes big.
each drawer is 9" x 11"
most of the box drawers are wood, but there are 12 metal ones
haven't decided weather to sell the boxes separate at $5 a piece
(because the metal shelves underneath each drawer are pretty cool too)
or sell it as one piece...

paper silverware trim on a wood clothes pin
2 1/2" x 5 yards
$5 each

 pink fabric garlands 1yard long. $25 each

close up of wood box drawers

top of cabinet

3" pinwheels $1.50 each

more paper garlands, sold by the yard

lined  cardstock cones for spring $1.50 each

2 chippy doors that went onto the large cabinet
$25 each

art envelopes with paper dresses $1.50 each

more paper flowers .75 ¢ each

mini cards with vintage doll stamp .50¢ each


  1. Hi Miz Carmen!
    Nice post! That file cabinet is a good find, I wonder what it was used for originally. I love all your paper creations, and the collages. The mini doll cards are adorable.
    It is spring here, thunderstorms off and on, and in the 70's, very typical for the south. I potted some Pinks, and 12 Begonias yesterday, I still have 12 Vinca plants to get out. It's dangerous to go to the gardening center, so many wonderful flowers. The cotton is just beginning to come up in the starter pots, in a couple of weeks it will go in the ground. Yea!
    It wont be long and you will have Lavender! Yea!
    God is Good

  2. thank you.. I love he doll stamp you sent. I do know what you mean, the garden center and the hardware store are 2 of my weaknesses . cant wait to see the new cotton colors. I bet your yard looks great already.
    I think we are getting snow again tomorrow... so it might be a bit for planting. but hopefully soon
    love you