Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coffee and Tea- the art

Coffee and Tea at the Curiosity shop is not your ordinary beverage.

Coffee air press, made 1 cup @ a time!
First off, we serve all our tasty drinks in glass or ceramic, which means two things:
1. It tastes better and stays hotter!
2. It is earth friendly!

But for those of you who are on the run, we do offer for 50¢ fully compostable take-away cups with lids. YES fully compostable! That means you can put it right into the ground!

All our coffee is small batch, fresh roasted and we make it to order with an air press.
Black pear-berry tea
An air press expresses only the good qualities of the coffee and leaves behind the unwanted characteristics.

The curiosity Shop tea bar is set up like an apothecary. You get to pick and choose a variety of "ingredients" to add to your custom made tea.
For our loose leaf tea selection: We currently carry 6 tea basis to start from! All fresh high quality teas - Black, Green, White.

Organic green dragonwell with Jasmine
From orange or dried berry, to blue lotus or jasmine, to ginger or anise, the selection is seasonal and exciting!

Coming soon we will have "soda kits" made from our hand crafted extracts! Ever tried lavender soda? How about coffee soda? Cinnamon spice? For a unique refreshing way to shake things up we are creating some unique beverages. Free samples coming soon!

Need another reason to enjoy our amazingly fun coffee and teas? A portion of all beverage sales helps support Club Anbesa! A unique program designed to help street kids in Ethiopia.

(Coffee and teas are $2.49. Coffee refills $1. Take away cups 50¢)

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  1. I was thinking of you Christina when I bought coffee recently, wondering which coffee on Krogers shelf was the best. I know you have studied the process of coffee. I also have a feeling you would send me to another store....
    Soda kits sound interesting. I have heard of the soda machine you can buy, will this kit be for using in that machine?
    I'd love to pick your brain!
    Blessing to the kids in Ethiopia!