Friday, August 12, 2016

August 12 farm and shop news

Shop news:  lots of new stuff i have been working on..finally have some time in between the farm work.
I have decided not to be officially open on Mondays, since i have more customers coming Tuesday through Sunday anyway .
so just give me a call if you want to come out. I am almost always here. (unless i am not)

farm news:  The turkeys are getting so big, and they are so sociable they love you to pet them . and come running when they see you.
the veggie/ fruit garden is really starting to produce.
the lavender is finally taking off... its been hit and miss for a while...

well anyway guys come out i'd love to see you....

so what do you think of a grape vineyard?   they are a lot like lavender, with watering and temperament.  
grapes and lavender... just like being in France...

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  1. hi Carmen, well I found ya! Left you a message on etsy, then went to Facebook and Pinterest. I would love to have a note from you.