Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Paper and pianos

Having so much fun working with paper.
   Large craft paper flower roses.                Easy to make, but time consuming.
  Painted clipboards with vintage images.
  Fun covered craft paper journals.
   (Vintage math cards) Wood cards with math word problem pages from a vintage children's math book.
Then zeru and I took apart an old discarded piano.
We have white and black keys
Wood hammers, and other wood parts.
There were over 500 screws to take the wood pieces apart.
They will be great to use for unique projects.
And lots of industrial lamps.
painted clipboard with vintage images $4 each
paper mache journal with vintage images $4 each
 ( wood math cards)
wood tiles with vintage math pages
$2  each
Large craft paper roses. $8 each
Piano parts and pieces
black and white keys $2 each
wood piano hammers $2 each
large metal industrial lamp shade, cage and glass $20 each
just add light

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