Friday, January 29, 2016

Cool stuff

large scale with weights $125

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I have been helping my son clear out his shop. Lots of cool stuff. Truck loads more to go
we have about 30-40 of these signs, different images on some.
the ones i have for sale are pictured below.
this picture shows what they look like when you shine them up and add lighting.
Letters and keys from key boards .25¢

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old IBM typewriter balls (different fonts)
$5 each

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vintage black handle telephone handsets $7 each
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2 different electric typewriters on right  $30 each
old manual typewriter on right $40
2 antique Remington typewriters $50 each
amazing typewriter keys
these are the same signs as above, they need to be shinned up. there is wiring, just needs to be wired to plug.
$10 for each sign. sorry the image isn't the best
my son sells the finished signs for $125 each
so cool... piano keys top

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