Monday, June 1, 2015

Junes new stuff

Thank you to everyone who came out last week for the much gone I needed to do new stuff. Heres just a sampling of some new things iv finished. Come in to see more.
I love this new potting bench. Or what ever you would like to use it for.
It was made with an old stove I took apart. I added an old metal sink. And theres a chalkboard on top. $150.     54"×35"
An amazing dresser with numbers on the front I just put the metal stove great on top for fun dresser is $45 the metal stove top is  $20
The very large school chalkboard 3' × 6'  $75
The large old wood easle that it is on is 6 1/2' tall, the ledge is 45"tall $40
I found this very cool old industrial metal table. It has a rubber mat top, I chalkboarded the much better in person (isn't everything) aprox.
3'×5'  $85
Large white hutch top 49"×42" $75
White desk that the hutch is on top of $45
2 typewriters a black dart to ink cartridge $35
A tan royal $30
Very cool heavy pipe fittings with nutsbon either end. Great for holding tools or candles $4 each
Got 6 new soaps in . Such yummy scents $2 each
table sold
desk sold
dresser sold
tan typewriter sold
easel sold

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