Sunday, April 12, 2015

Warm but oh so windy....

Lots of great new finds... I decoupage chickens onto the small and large white tables.
Lots of glass insulators $2-3.50 each. Printers trays $ 20 each.
Lots of jewelry  $3 each 
cool old metal stool $20.
Looks like an old typewriter table, but it's actually a table made during the 2nd w war.  National cash register company made a limited amount of these for counting machines. Metal plate has denver ordnance plant printed on it.
Along with the "national" trademark. $75
large wooden spools $6-8
amazing old egg crates $18
Also lots of new smalls. Just come in to see everything.
Open Monday 10-3. Or just give me a call to come another time.
Enjoy the weather.
old corvair car radios $15 each
car rear view mirrors $4 each
old tabbacco tins, glass jars burlap bags
peatpots, egg cartons
very cool papers for decoupage of framing
blue and clear insulators
wood spools sold
lots of new jewelry $3 each
safety deposit boxes $8-14
cabinet wire wire frame sold
stool and table sold

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  1. if you ever look at the blog and notice that i post it and immediately an item is sold, its because i have a text list of people who would like to be text with the new pictures a soon as i post them. if you would like to get on this list, email me your cell number and i will put you on the list.
    if you would like to be taken off the list, just let me know. it;s about once a week, unless i get something so cool i cant wait to show you.