Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring is almost sprung...

The weather is almost warm enough that I can paint....yeah. lots of new pieces. White console bar and dresser. Old metal stove. Still deciding if I should turn it into a potting bench. Soldered mini glass jars.
New flash cards. Many with typed definitions. A very cool metal rack shelf that I have my flash cards on
And some small and large wire baskets.
Also 4 vintage wire shoo fly covers.
Hopefully it's warm tomorrow.  Come out and for your self...
vintage horse  shoo fly covers $15 each sold
early 1900's New Perfection kerosene stove
mini flash cards with definitions $1 each
large flash cards with definitions $1.50 each
old portable royal typewriter $40   sold
small wire baskets $2.50 each sold
white console/bar $250     sold
old white dresser $80          sold
soldered mini jars $2-$4
metal rack/ shelf $125 sold


  1. Can't wait to get out to your store. Hope you're doing well Carmen.

  2. Goodies!!!! Yea! Be right over! Love the jars.