Sunday, September 21, 2014

October 4th-6th; 10am -4pm

Is getting to be that time of year again! Weather is getting chilly,  leaves changing, and the goats are wearing coats!

Join us the first weekend of October for an open weekend.
We will be open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 10am - 4pm all three days.

We are hoping for a bountiful harvest of mini pumpkins by then.

Come in tomorrow to get a sneak peak of a portion of our autumn fair. You will see some of the new display and furniture pieces to be painted this week.

Carmen got some fun stuff this weekend, including empty vintage matchbooks.

And as always we have seasonal ephemera in stock.

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  1. Goats have Coats, too cute! The matchbook covers are a fun find, I'm remembering the article I sent you about old collectable matchbooks. I'd love to come and see all the goodies you have for sale. I love the Little Kittens flash card, and the sign you typed for them. Did you use an old typewriter? And just look at all the Halloween goods! You are having so much fun my friend. We need a chat soon, I am having Carmen with drawls. Miss you!