Friday, January 31, 2014

Your apothacary

I have been such a SLACKER with the free ideas posts!

Sorry friends!

So this month's free idea may seem pretty simple, but you would be surprised how many people wouldn't think of it!

Make your own apothecary!

If you have been in the shop you may have gravitated to the "apothecary tea shelf" full of glass jars filled with fun things, like lavender, jasmine, and other neat stuff with vintage labels.

You can take any old jar (think jelly, condiment, sauce jars) The fun part about these jars are the labels!
You can do a search online for "vintage labels" and type in on your computer or write in by hand whatever fun goodies you want in the jars.

It really is so simple. You have several options. One is to laminate with packing tape or a laminating machine. or leave it on the paper you print it as is (depending on how much exposure your labels will be getting) We just use a heavy paper and leave the label as is.

Use rubber cement, double stick tape, or a sticker maker to adhere your labels to your jars.

Next is the fun part! What will you fill your jars with? Baking ingredients? Tea extras? Fun floral?

Try to decoupage  the lids, painting them, making a paper cover with cording or rubber band, or find a snug fitting cork! We have picked up corks of many sizes in the most random of places! Some how or another we have many which fit our variety of jars!

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