Monday, November 25, 2013

November Free idea

Wax melts!

Do you ever have half burned down candles and bits of wax lying around your house?

Here's a great idea!

Take an old crock pot of small pot on your stove and melt down the wax! Choose similar colors or mix them to make new colors! Choose un-scented or similar scented candles.

If your wax is unscented or very mild, add a scent to the wax that compliments what you are mixing!

When the wax is melted fish out the old wicks.

Now for the fun part!

Find metal Jell-O molds, bake pans, or iron baking molds and pour the wax in! For candles, add a wick, but for decorator wax melts, just let cool as is!

After the wax has fully cooled and set, just pop them out and melt or give as gifts!

Have fun!

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