Saturday, October 26, 2013

Around the corner.

These printer's blocks are lead and can be drilled through.
We will be selling them for $4 per ounce!
Be on the lookout for our projects we come up with!

Our shop is always evolving!

Stop in later this week for a free paper mask!


  1. LOVE the BIG photo's!!!!! Are the printers blocks solid lead? Christina, lay some of them out and get a clear closeup...I am so bossy...
    Love the typewriters,,do they work? What are the doll heads like, can't see them.
    Awesome painted furniture Carmen.,,,,and snowflakes! Have a good week!

  2. Miss Marcie, I am now doing all the blog posts directly from my tablet! That would be the case of all the BIG photos at the END of the posts!
    I will try to get some more CLOSE UPS soon!
    Thanks for always looking!