Friday, July 19, 2013

August ... a gust

It has been so windy around here we can barely open our door without being blown away! And August is just around the corner!

Did you know that TODAY (August 19) is our 3 month anniversary? Yes! It is true! we have been open for 3 months.

Go check out the August Calender while you are spending some time on the blog. We have combined some of our paper arts into a class, and also have more book folding!

What is new? Hand stitching class! It will be fun: more info on that coming soon!

I will be excited when we finish our newest project: a reading nook! It will be adorable... and of course for sale! Or just for inspiration!

A lot of new big pieces (tables, chairs) have been re-finished and are ready for your home or office!

We are also dreaming up some future class ideas
Metal joined dolls
Needle Punch
Doll designing
Doll making

Photos coming soon of our cute new table and chair set!
(Our regular computer has decided to leave us hanging and has crashed, along with our photo editors... : /    )

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