Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby Shower Boy oh Boy!

For my daughter's baby shower we tried to keep it classy and simple. Boy, oh boy did we have fun!
In order to keep it simple and classy we began with choosing two contrasting colors and sticking with them for all the decor. Since this was a baby shower for a boy we chose light blue and white.
We centered much of the designing around our dessert bar. Lined with white cloth, we chose almost exclusively glass containers to showcase the variety of blue fare.
Between dollar stores, garage sales, and the stash of unused vases we have in hiding this was not expensive. We used taller pieces as columns for some of the shorter pieces to add volume.
For the blue colored tasty treats we raided the local candy shop. We also white-chocolate coated many sumptuous snacks to incorporate the white.

I created this cup cake stand from items I had on hand. It was much more cost effective than the white cardboard ones you can purchase at a craft or party store, and it looks much classier. I cut cardboard circles and covered them with colored paper, then glued extra glasses we had in our cupboard as the columns, which added to the glass we already had on the table.

We made a hanging to show off the table in style and add a little more decor without traditional streamers. I took a circle hole punch and cut many, many, many..... you get the idea, circles.
 Doubling the circles, I simply stapled them together onto a thick white string. I offset them for a nice pattern. Tied to an ordinary curtain rod the unique decoration can be hung onto a wall, in front of a window, between doorposts, or just about anywhere. It is a light weight large piece to accent the party.

To keep utensil and dish use at a minimum I set the tables. I made it simple with plastic flatware and paper made place mats. This way it was very cost conscience and disposable.
For the center piece I found white flowers that were in season and on sale. Since our colors were white and blue, I obviously went with white. I had found these cute ceramic pales on sale and bought several, so I used them to display the floral piece. I was glad I chose fresh flowers as the fragrance filled the room adding just  a little more pleasant ambiance.

Finally, for the guest favors I thought of something which would be nice for the guests, but also useful to me. I created and found a variety of containers which match our blue and white theme. Leaving them empty I invited the guests to fill them before they left with their favorite goodies from the dessert bar. Many of them also filled up with food from the meal using the containers as a take home box. This got rid of much of the extras I would have otherwise been left with, and allowed the guests to have a snack for days to come.

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