Monday, February 23, 2015

Sewing and soldered

The weather had been cold and very snowy. So I've been inside sewing clutch purses and soldering charms.
the clutches are $18 each and the soldered charm necklaces are $5 each.
the purse with the watch and the one to the very right are sold 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wonderful weather

Hi guys!
The weather has been wonderful!  That means painting.
I have several new pieces done up,  mostly in greys. This large Lincoln style desk is solid and heavy!
Awesome old cupboard/pantry with two doors and wood knobs closures.
Long table and two chairs,  mirror,  large spindle back chair.
Also,  take a look at my mercantile shelving I built and designed MYSELF!  I'm very excited about them.
In the back,  in my work area I have a mini soldering station. Been tinkering with glass and solder a bit as you can see.
More flash cards,  little flashcard folded notebooks,  soaps,  and this awesome raffia I picked up,  which I love to use for tagging, packaging,  and decorating.
This neat vintage red and white table is all wood,  and a real unique find.
Besides all the pieces and fun,  we have farm fresh eggs from our busy ladies!  6 eggs for $2.
See other prices near photos!
large Lincoln desk $265
grey chair $30
large farm cabinet $295 sold
long skinny table $30, chairs $24 each Table Sold
front of desk
large grey mirror $35,  vintage dictionary prints $2.50 each Mirror SOLD
small spool table $40
vintage flash card tags .50 cents each
large 3 door screen with lace $20   sold lace screen
vintage flash cards made into matchbook notepads $1.00
brown card catalog box $40       sold
large spool table $125, chairs with burlap$ 20 each
vintage and reproduction flash cards $1-$3
soldering and metal stamping
front doors of farm cabinet
necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings $3 each
vintage red and white table $55
hand made soap. so yummy smelling. I have banana nut bread, pumpkin spice and a few jasmine vanilla, and lavender chamomile $2.25 each
farm fresh yummy eggs 6 for $2.00