Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sneak Peek of Holiday Show

 Curiosity shop News:
I will be doing a Holiday show with my daughter Jen of " OPEN AND CUT" she does beautiful painted signs, custom and unique vinyl cuttings , and book folding.
We will be at Pine Creek high school on  Saturday, November 5th from 9-4 in Colorado Springs...
Come by if you can. I am so Excited about doing this show with her.
some of the pictures will show you a mock up of the booth.
I have been working on  new items the past couple of weeks and the photos show a sneak peak
of some of the things i will be bringing.....
none of Jen's items are pictured .I hope to get pictures of those items next week

working on Christmas and Fall items, new display pieces that are for sale, and a new line of children's clothes  " Curious Kids"
you know how pictures dont really show you how cute things really are, so come out and see for your self...
Curious Farms News:
The chickens ducks and turkeys are doing great, boy the turkeys are huge in a short time. but they are so beautiful when they spread their wings..
We got so much produce from our garden this year.. working on freezing and canning . filling the freezer for winter.
I pruned all the lavender plants down for winter, and started propagating for next year.
A mock up of the booth all the display in the booth will be for sale at the show. large pieces can be picked up at the end of the show.
long skinny dining table $70 chairs each $25
the tall shutters (set of 2 hinged ) $40
3 different dressers $35,$45, $60
large hutch top with shelves and mirror $50

this tall long industrial table is in the shop
it is very cool $75
chairs $25 each

cool white gourds $5-8

lots of old windows $25-$32

more windows

a wonderful dried Christmas mix
$5 a bag

small and large frames
small $5 each
Large $18 each

rusted wire wreaths

handmade soaps $2 each
Wooden hearts 

lots of handmade tags, bags and ornaments

vintage santa clothespins

lots and lots of tags 50 cents each

paper cones and flowers

small snow globe ornament tags

outside wall of booth
more shutters in gray
frames and windows
lots of fun 11x17 paper sheets

display of children's clothing 
0-3 mos dress $23

 6-9 mos $23

0-3 mos jacket and pants $23

 size 2  2 piece tops and pants $25

 size 2 dress with collar $25
 back of dress with snaps

 size 2 pinafores
with vintage stitchery
they are reversible
with cross over in back

  size 2 pinafores
with blue cotton fabric, and blue fannel inside
they are reversible
with cross over in back
back side
 size 2 pinafores
with white ancors inside
they are reversible
with cross over in back
 and blue homespun on the outside.
the collars flip over for front or back

extra thick white fleece mittens$5 each
lined wool pea jacket with fun cotton print inside
size 3    $55
 lined linen pea jacket
  with warm white fleece inside
size 3    $50
lined wool pea jacket  
size 3 $55