Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Holiday Contest!

Hey folks!

We are going to have a CONTEST!

Not only will you get to SUBMIT your projects, but you also get to VOTE!

To participate in submitting your project- here are the guidelines and the contest...

Participants will SUBMIT one Handmade Christmas Ornament project idea that the individual crafted/created (Photo of finished project)

Photos will be posted on our FACEBOOK page and people may "like" the photo on our page.

Voters can vote on AS MANY photos as they like- but each FACEBOOK user that votes is only capable to vote ONCE per photo (you cannot "double like" it is impossible)

Photo with the most "likes" on our FACEBOOK page wins the contest.

Contest winner will receive
Recognition, an article, and a $20 gift certificate to Carmen's Curiosity Shop.

Second and Third place winners will also get mentioned and $5 gift certificates.

ALL may vote.

To participate in submitting:

Send an EMAIL to

Subject line: Christmas Contest

Email body:
Your name (first and last)
Your email address
Jpg/ jpeg
 photo of your project
Name of project
Art/craft medium you used

All applications must be submitted by OCTOBER 31

Voting begins NOVEMBER 15 and runs thru DECEMBER 13

We are excited to see what you come up with!

Photo from class

Photo from our Last furniture Re-do class.

Great Job!
This was originally a oak blah table... and now look at it!
We are always willing to give out some free tips on your next furniture re-do project and we also sell an additive to mix to your cheap flat paint which will help it STICK to just about anything without priming or sanding!
Keep in mind the DOWNFALL to this type of paint is that it MUST be sealed. We have some tricks for that too!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This month's Great Idea

We are going to start doing a monthly Great Idea!
Lavender Sachets!
This month- JULY- Here is our GREAT IDEA


We carry a number or fun items in the Shop which you may not have realized just how easy they were created!

Take FREEZER PAPER (you buy it at the grocery store- or you may have some at home)

Cut 8 /12 x 11 piece of FREEZER PAPER

Cut also 8 1/2 x 11 Light colored FABRIC (we use muslin)

IRON the shiny side of the FREEZER PAPER onto the FABRIC

Place FACE DOWN ( on mot printers) in paper tray and simply PRINT from your home computer.

You now have a CUSTOM PRINTED piece of fabric!!!

Some ideas: fabric bags, pillows, sachets, dolls, apron pocket, the list is endless!

Go out and have fun on this month's

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out the door!

Just days after painting our 4 tables and countless frames 3 tables sold! Here are some pictures of them literally going out the door!
So sad... That little brown one was my favorite! But it was going to a good home.
Will be posting some really fun new articles soon!

Friday, July 19, 2013

August ... a gust

It has been so windy around here we can barely open our door without being blown away! And August is just around the corner!

Did you know that TODAY (August 19) is our 3 month anniversary? Yes! It is true! we have been open for 3 months.

Go check out the August Calender while you are spending some time on the blog. We have combined some of our paper arts into a class, and also have more book folding!

What is new? Hand stitching class! It will be fun: more info on that coming soon!

I will be excited when we finish our newest project: a reading nook! It will be adorable... and of course for sale! Or just for inspiration!

A lot of new big pieces (tables, chairs) have been re-finished and are ready for your home or office!

We are also dreaming up some future class ideas
Metal joined dolls
Needle Punch
Doll designing
Doll making

Photos coming soon of our cute new table and chair set!
(Our regular computer has decided to leave us hanging and has crashed, along with our photo editors... : /    )

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tea blending

Today we have been blending up some custom teas for an event the end of this month. In the process the teas must be blended, sampled, then mixed up in bigger batches to be hand bagged into sewn tea bags.

In this process I have drank many cups of tea today. I try to make a "regular" batch up for a cup to get an idea of how much of each ingredient into the batch. Now, I do not like to waste, so I have been on a tea high for this whole afternoon!

But I certainly did enjoy the process as we sat outside at our little table with my tiny tea-pot sipping from a dainty white cup. What a fun way to spend a work day!

I did not need to sample the white-green lavender-peppermint tea because I already know how that one tastes! And I know what goes in it.

I whipped up a lighter citrus white tea with silver needle tea for the base, and orange, lemon, and nectarine/peach added.

Also a fruited black tea. that was a blend of Organic Assam estate tea, berries, peach/nectarine, orange, pear, and apple.

And I did a new batch of curious spiced black tea. this is a mix of Ancient trees Pu-erh black tea and a Kenyan black tea (the Ancient trees is a deep earthy tea with a mellow flavor) while the Kenyan is brighter and stronger in the cup. To this base I added a LOT of fresh cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, anise, a bit of ginger, and orange, then to make it have a little umph threw in some vanilla bean and saffron sugar.
It is not a very strong tea, but with great notes.

I have so much energy from the tea I am even typing this ridiculously detailed account of the teas themselves for the unsuspecting readers looking for Curiously Creative ideas.

Now if I could just get to sewing those tea bags up!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fantastic fowl fans!

A box of book pages full of fabulous fowls! We sell the pages for 50¢ and you can come up with your own custom creative craft, or see what we went and wondered up!

Cut out and finished up, these birds make fantastic fans! Keep cool this summer with a new fun fowl friend!

Yes- we are goofy, but you must admit, these are unique and interesting- and what are the chances of someone else having a neat bird fan?